Thursday, July 26, 2012

Biodiesel Production Fungal enzymes to degrade wood

 Trametes versicolor: white rot fungi can degrade lignin
So far, biofuels are produced from plants that serve as food or animal feed actually. But researchers want to develop wood and straw as a fuel supplier. May help fungi decompose in the natural wood - and for millions of years.

About 300 million years, the growth of coal ended rather abruptly. Researchers suspect that white-rot fungi were responsible. They had developed an enzyme that cleaves the education necessary for coal plant material lignin. Now, researchers want to use the power of fungi for the production of biofuels, as they report in the journal "Science". Because lignin is an obstacle here.
The international team of researchers had compared the genomes of various white rot fungi with that of brown rot fungi. The latter can not cleave lignin. The genetic difference suggests that the white-rot fungi 290 million years ago developed the lignin-cleaving enzyme, and also formed a separate genus. At the same time also ended the Carboniferous, the Coal Age, by the coal was still promoted.
The researchers see a direct connection. This is from plant material by means of pressure and the absence of oxygen coal, it may not rot before. Before that it protects lignin, the wood can be indigestible for many fungi. With the advent of lignin rotting mushrooms, this protection was no longer available.